Flawed Versus Evil:  The Choice is Easy for This Writer

It Is amazing that some on the left are wanting to crucify Mrs Trump because some of her speech reflected the same things Mrs Obama espoused during her speech. Let me be clear, I think plagiarism is wrong. I absolutely think it is wrong and the speech writer should be fired post-haste!  However, let us examine a couple of facts that are undeniable where the liberal choice of President is concerned.

First, are you on the left as upset that HRC lied under oath which is a crime? Are you as upset that HRC allowed those without a security clearance to view top secret/classified (I have many friends that work in the defense industry that would be terminated and jailed for the same actions)? Are any of you upset with her lack of inaction and unconcern about Bengahizi? My guess would be that you likely are not bothered by these things because you are blinded by party loyalty. Some are blinded because she is a woman and “it’s just time for a woman to be President”. If you think we are better off than we were 8 years ago then you obviously have not allowed yourself to look honestly at our nation. We elected a community organizer that was going to bring everyone together, but yet we are more divided along racial and economic lines than we have been in my 48 years of life. Economically  those dependent on government programs to survive is at an all time high which has inflated the attitude of entitlement to the point where work is no longer honored. We are not respected and feared around the globe…..yes I absolutely want this great country to be feared!  We have the greatest fighting force of men and women ever assembled, but we lack the leadership to unleash it’s dominance on the Islamo-Facist that has a single desire to destroy our way of life at home and abroad. If you are ok with these things then by all means continue to support HRC because you will get more of the same and our country will continue down a path toward becoming apathetic and weak like most of Europe today!  

   I know there are some out there  that believe that ministers like myself should not publically voice our opinions in the public arena, , but understand that I am not stating these opinions on behalf of my church.  I am merely stating my opinion as a law-abiding, tax paying citizen.  I do not expect everyone to agree with me nor do I really care if people disagree with what I have stated because I am merely expressing my conscience where this nation and its future is concerned.  I have had people tell me that they cannot believe I would support Donald Trump, but I agree with something I heard someone else say a few days ago – ” I am voting for flawed versus evil”.   Donald Trump is no doubt a flawed individual, but then again after all are we not all flawed in one way or the other.  I think, however, that Mrs Clinton is evil.  She stands for the murder of the unborn even into to third trimester – that is enough for me by the way.   She has a mentality that will further divide the nation along racial and economic lines.   She is a criminal that was not convicted because we have leaders in place in the DOJ that placed her above the same standards that we the citizens are held accountable to uphold.  She has no conscience where Benghazi is concerned.  She will not acknowledge that she failed the men killed in the actions of the Islamic-fascist that raided our embassy which by the way is sovereign territory of the United States.  So in the end, if you are satisfied with more of the same then exercise your right to put this country in danger of being thrown onto the ash heap of history in future generations, but my conscience will not allow me to vote for evil, but only flawed.



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