Radical Islamic Terrorism & American Unity

As I type this, we are two days removed from one of the worst terrorist acts committed on our soil.  Around 2:00am Sunday morning a radical Islamic terrorist walked into an Orlando, FL nightclub and opening fire killed 49 Americans and wounded 53 others.  I understand and have heard that it was a club frequented by the homosexual community.  I get that and frankly I’m not real interested in what anyone’s sexual preference was that was killed.  I am profoundly interested in the fact that they were Americans.   They were people with families and loved ones that cared for and loved them deeply.   They were citizens of this great nation that were gunned down by a gutless coward involved in a religion that by its own book calls for jihad and the bloodshed of any that will not convert.  Yes, I said it…..his religion was not a religion of peace.  For anyone under the banner of christianity or that calls themselves an American citizen that would think that somehow this event was justified because they happen to disagree with the lifestyles of those attacked are no more Christian than the guy that spewed his hatred in the form of terrorism.  I may not agree with the way that the people who were murdered by this individual lived their life, but that is not my concern.  I’m sure there were people killed on 9/11 that I didn’t agree with, but we did not marginalize their deaths because in that day we were all Americans.  This act of terror, actually an act of war, was perpetuated  on Americans.  We ALL should be outraged at the enemies of freedom that dared attack our homeland.   We should demand that our politicians act boldly and forcefully at home and abroad to deal with these barbarians in the only way that they respond to and that is brute force and strength.  Unfortunately though our current leader at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, while calling it terror cannot address this tragedy without it becoming a political issue to trot out the usual garbage about curtailing gun rights.  Hillary Clinton has declared that no one needs an AR-15.   If we look at the places in Europe where they have the strictest gun laws, in Paris for example,  the terrorist still got guns.   We also have every politician from both parties that cannot talk enough about the fact that the individuals killed were part of the LGBT community.  People LISTEN UP!!!  They were AMERICANS attacked by an enemy  that while being American had sworn allegiance to radical Islam, in particular ISIS. We must not allow this event to become a political event to try to promote one lifestyle.  I have a news flash for everyone:  THE MONSTER AND THE RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGY HE REPRESENTED IN CARRYING OUT THIS ATTACK HATES AMERICA AND EVERY AMERICAN! WHETHER YOU ARE STRAIGHT, GAY, BLACK, WHITE, RICH, POOR, CHRISTIAN, HINDU, JEWISH, ETC, ETC – THEY HATE YOU!!!   The terrorist desire to create chaos and division and we must as a nation rise above this evil that exist.

It is time we as Americans stand united as simply Americans and not continue to allow the politicians to divide us into “hyphenated Americans”.  We must stand together not to support this group or that group, but rather to support this great nation and the ideals of freedom as laid out by the Founding Fathers.    It is time that we demand our government leaders deal decisively with these animals whether they are at home or abroad.  If the ones we have in leadership do not have the desire to do it then it is time we as Americans throw them out of office and elect leadership that will first and foremost defend and protect this great nation from enemies domestic and abroad (Oh wait a minute, that is exactly the main thing a President swears an oath to do!!)  We must be vigilant as Americans and if we suspect something then report it.   We must band together to beat back this evil!!!   If you are believer pray for those families that have lost loved ones in the Orlando terrorist attack.  Pray for those survivors that are hanging on to life in hospitals.  Finally, pray for our nation……God is our only HOPE!!




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