Keith’s Blog – Getting Started

Well, I have finally given in and will begin a weekly blog.  My bride, Kim, has been after me for a couple of years now to start writing a blog and I have resisted.  I do believe I will enjoy sharing my heart those that choose to take the time to read the things that I have on my heart each week.  So what will I use this platform for?  I may share my thoughts on something that is currently going on in this crazy world we inhabit.  I may share my heart about something that God is currently speaking to my heart about at that particular time, but most of all I hope to use it to share thoughts concerning God’s Word, His church or things concerning the state of Christianity in the time which we live.  My goal is that whatever I may share will touch people in a few different ways.  I hope it will be a source of encouragement, a source of provoking thought, a forum to cause us to think a little deeper about the things of God.  Occasionally, I may even share something that God has convicted me about and may be dealing with a reader about the same thing.  I suppose I need to share a little about myself especially for those that may not know me.

I have been married for almost 25 years to the first and only woman I have ever loved, Kim.  She is the light of my life!.  She is my greatest encourager, my soul mate, my best friend, mother to our two beautiful daughters, grandmother to the best grandson in the world and most of all she is a Godly woman.  My two daughters, Lillian and Olivia are the “apples” of my eye.  I love them both so dearly.  Lillian, our first-born, is married to Sgt. Brandon Noel (who is probably the best son-in-law a man could ask to have).  He serves in the US Army and they currently live at Ft Rucker, AL.  I am so proud of them and Lillian is such a good mother to our precious grandson John Patton (yes after General George S. Patton).  WOW BEING A GRANDFATHER IS THE GREATEST!!!  I have worked at UPS for 27 years.  My job has allowed me to meet a lot of interesting people and is a great place to work.  I answered the call to the gospel ministry 16 years ago and 15 years ago he blessed me by allowing me to become the pastor of Belmor Baptist Church (  These wonderful people have been such  a blessing to my family and me.  It is a thrill to serve God and the fact that He allowed me the privilege to preach His precious Word is something that I am still in awe of each day.

As I write each week, I invite your feedback.  I do not expect everyone to always agree with me on everything I may share, but hey anyone that knows me, knows that I have always loved a spirited debate from time to time.  I hope through this experience myself along with those that choose to read can take something away from this each week.  Until next Thursday, may God bless you.