Fall, Pigskin and Passion

Well, Fall is right around the corner. With Fall, comes the advent of football and with football, passions ignite in a way that is quite frankly a little over the top at times. I want to freely admit, I am a football fan (although watching my daughter playing softball in the Fall trumps football any day for me). I like all kinds of football and I am a huge fan of the University of Alabama. I love watching high school, college and NFL football – it’s football for crying out loud!

I do wonder though if sometimes, we do not let the passion over our beloved teams override what seems like good sense. Now don’t get me wrong, I love good-natured fun when it comes to messing with fans of other teams. I even laugh at the things that are aimed at my own team, however, I think this is where the passion can become, quite frankly, stupid. People just need to get a sense of humor and learn to laugh a little, but the fact of the matter is I’ve heard of families splitting, people leaving a church, friendships broken and people even stating that they hate another fan of another team simply because they like an opposing team. Imagine for a moment, what would happen if we were ignited with the same passion that we have for the pigskin. How would your world be different? How would your family be different? How would your marriage be different? How would your church and it’s passion for the gospel be different if we had as much passion for those that need to hear of the love for Christ has for them as we do our team of choice?

As I close, please ponder those last questions. Ask yourself if you have a misplaced level of passion. Please understand, I am not advocating that people should just give up watching and following their favorite team. I will watch football in between travel softball tournaments myself! I will continue to say Roll Tide! I want them to win another National Championship! But if they don’t, you know what? The world will not end, life will go on, etc. I leave you with a quote from  Rick Burgess (The Rick and Bubba Show): “Football is a great sport, but it makes a terrible god”.




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